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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tammi D. says:

UTA is trying to get other "ENTITIES" more involved in Public Transportation for the Disabled and the Elderly. With the Economy is very likely Property Taxes would be Increased and Services for the Disabled and the Elderly would be cut. These ENTITIES would be Responsible for Drivers, Gas, Maintenance and the Purchase of more Vehicles in order to meet all the needs. UTA has Good Bus Service in Down Town Salt Lake City, in the Avenues and the University of Utah. UTA has Destroyed the Bus System in the rest of Salt Lake County. UTA needs to get Accessible Vans and Small Buses to go into Neighborhoods to Help Encourage People to take the Bus would take Individuals to the Main Bus Routes and Trax. UTA needs to work on Barrier Free, Benches and also Increase the Frequency of Buses. This would reduce the need for Paratransit and bring down the cost of Paratransit. This would be Transportation for all. A Good Bus System does not bring in Huge Bonuses for the High Paid Executives.

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