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Thursday, February 5, 2009

DB says:

There is to much time and money being waisted on "General Studies" at the colleges and Universities. The majority of students who get a degree don't retain a thing from their "General Studies" courses. Why? Because they don't apply to the students everyday life and so they don't get used or applied. These students just learn how to regergitate what the Professor wants for the test and then they forget it. These courses are a waist of the students and teachers time and Tax dollars. Let the students get on with the focus of their education.


  1. Maybe if you hadn't "waisted" so much of your time, you'd have learned how to spell!

  2. I loved those classes during college. They were interesting and fun. I missed them once I was only doing electrical engineering so much so I took similar classes later in my studies!

  3. These classes make well rounded individuals. You can go to a trade school to specialize in a focus.