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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rufus B. says:

The Wildlife dept. is wasting thousands of dollars on helicopters moving animals around. Much worse they give animals to Mexico and do not even know what they are can get back. I talked to the program director for giving antelope to Mexico and he could not tell me what WE the People of this State will get for them. Let's just stop funding silly projects like this and if there are too many animals in an area, let hunters have more tags. Last winter (2008) the feeding program did not start soon enough and the wildlife dept. told land owners NOT to feed the deer and elk. As a result hundreds of deer died and many elk. The 2008 hunting season was the worst I have seen in 15 years of hunting in Utah. Why not issue special tags (for Money of coarse) to hunters to take starving animals. This makes too much sense for the Wildlife de! pt. to accomplish.

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