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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Preston B says:

I as many others that I have talked to, believe something needs to be done about the Hunter application process.
It used to stand before the computer age that hunting applications were completed by hand then sent off to Fallon Nevada for processing. Today 90% of applications are filled out the hunter on the computer with no need to process a application, yet the application fee still apllies with some proceeds going to Fallon NV, and more proceeds going to DWR even when they dont do anything to recieve it.
Seems to me that with todays online system capabilities the DWR would save millions by creating their own online draw system and pockting the the money sent to NV that has no benift what so ever to the State of Utah. The old process of sending things to NV may have once suited a purpose, yet with todays Computer Technology this seems to me to need looked at and upgraded so all the money stays in the People of Utah's hands.

Maybe someone with knowledge and clout can look into this, seems to me that this could bring millions to the state of Utah over the years to come!


  1. Preston B ,I don't know why we send hunter apps. to NV, but $10. is cheap as compared to most states(see WY nonres. fees)It should be $25. the DWR needs the money.

  2. That is my point. The whole 10$ should stay in Utah. They need their own sytem.

  3. The DWR wouldnt need extra money if they werent paying an out-of-state company to do this processing, and I havent been to impressed with the quaility and care of our wildlife lately and until that changes I dont think they deserve anymore money from us. Not to mention with the ability to buy bonus points with no intention of hunting that year the whole draw process is a farce if you ask me!