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Monday, February 9, 2009

Allen says:

Our elected legislature should have to follow the same rules for health insurance as all the other state employees. The legislature are part-time employees and not entitled to a better deal than any other state employee. If they want healthcare the should have to go to the private system. I knon this will not pass, but why are they entitled to special treatment on healthcare. If they want healthcare then pay the same as a regular state employee and get it only when on active duty. Retirement should be a 401K plan that we the taxpayer may contribute the sams as regular businesses about 5% matching upt to a 100 dollars a month.

Offices should be furnished with furnishings provided by the Utah Dept of Corrections, TV's could be around 125 dollars. If you wan to get rid of waste then look at yourselvs first.

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  1. How much money could be saved by using a graduated pay cut as many private companies are doing to avoid lay-offs? Use a system that protects people that are making minimum wage by offering a system like the following:
    0-70,000 no pay cut
    70,001-90,000 1% pay cut
    90,001-110,000 2% pay cut
    110,001-130,000 3% pay cut
    130,001-150,000 4% pay cut
    150,001 and above 5% pay cut.

    I would love to see the numbers on how much could be cut by this simple policy. I know our family was glad to take this cut in order to save layoffs of co-workers.