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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Michael S. says:

What do we elect senators and representatives for when they dont listen to the people that voted them in and instead are swayed by lobbyists and groups that have big wallets? I havent talked to one person that thought the first bailout was a good idea, and reports stated that 80-90 percent of Americans felt the auto makers shouldnt get a bail out and now we're talking of another almost trilllion dollar bailout that once again no one I have talked to wants. We wont make deals with terrorists because its a never ending cycle once you do give in to their demands. Is this so different? These companies obviously overextended themselves once, do we think that they learned anything here? Well except that the next time we will be eager to give them more. Lets get back to the basics, and make our representatives do just that and represen! t our wishes.

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