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In the spirit of economic prudence and doing what's best with your hard earned tax dollars, Representative John Dougall, Senator Stephen Urquhart, and Senator Daniel Liljenquist have created this website so that you, the hardworking people of Utah, can speak out against unnecessary use of tax money. Help us stop wasteful government spending! Tell us where you've found it so we can stop it in its tracks; and while you're here vote on other posts as well. You citizens are the ultimate government watchdogs.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Brandon says:

I nominate THIS WEBSITE -- you should investigate this website's creation and maintenance for wasteful government spending.
The reason I say that is because I don't honestly believe that any of you are honestly going to look into the SIGNIFICANT issues the people have brought up here. What you are going to do, instead, is to look for "pet projects"... issues that are easy to sway people and easy to solve but that probably don't amount to a serious cost-savings when compared to many of the other, larger, problems also presented here that you will just skip over. You will find "problems" here which don't solve a whole lot but sound nice and make people who vote for you "FEEL BETTER" (about you).
This website is a scam, a political tactic, a device to mask the public's eyes to what it is you are REALLY doing. The guy who posted the furniture you guys bought and the prices you guys paid for each item is the example I draw from to demonstrate that this is true. If you guys cared so much about wasteful spending, you wouldn't be the ones holding the reins for that furniture!
Also, if you were TRULY interested in wasteful spending you wouldn't be looking for advice from citizens about such small expenses (by comparison) when we have a looming $800BILLION dollar waste of government money being created right now as I type this on the federal level -- instead, you'd be spending your time and resources gathering citizen's groups, lawyers, politicians, etc. together at the state level and trying to determine (in a very big and public way that EVERYONE in the state would know about) how, exactly, the people of the state of Utah can absolve ourselves of this national fiscal abuse.
Just a few days ago the legislature of Vermont got tired of the heavy-handedness of the federal gov't and passed a bill declaring that any further encroachment of Rights by the federal government would be construed by VT as a final violation of the constitutional contract and reason enough for VT to secede from the union. If VT can do this, surely UT can draft something saying we absolutely refuse to accept the federal pork-barrel spending bills and absolutely refuse to pay anything in higher taxes, EVER, to pay off that portion of the federal deficit.
But no... instead of spending your time educating the public of Utah and doing your best to DEFEND us against our aggressors at the federal level, you are trying to hide from the real problems we face by asking us to "turn in" a police department who maybe spent too much on a new car or something.
Instead of trying to save us BILLIONS of future debt you are trying to make us "FEEL GOOD" by helping us to save $10,000.
You guys are a shame, a mockery, and are disgusting. Stop trying to hide your own scams by hunting down other scammers. This isn't Salem and we shouldn't be helping you find "witches" -- YOU ARE THE WITCHES!

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