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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jon N says:

I would say the buses (that the state of Utah helps to fund) driving around with no one on them a collosal waste (not only money wise but pollution wise too). There are a few things that can be done to help with the problem.
First we could cut back on the services for the buses that don't normally carry anybody around to once every hour, or even less if possible. Second, we could start purchasing smaller buses. Third, (now this is for the long term view) we could implement a "smart" system where the route varies depending whoever signs up to ride. You could automate this by having people sign up online and, of course, you would have to have a call in service for those w/o internet. This would take a year or two to develop but it would definitely be worth while, I imagine there would be less pollution and less financial waste once it is all said and done.
I write this because I had to take the bus the other day to go pick up my car at the mechanic and the bus driver said that noone ever rode on this route during the time of day I took it, what a waste!

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