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Friday, February 6, 2009

Rochelle says:

Education in Utah is broken. AG Shurtleff said it best when he called education a rogue agency who acts without regard to the law or consequences.
Administration in the Jodan School District is wasteful and abusive to parents who exercise their rights. They maintain at least two high priced law firms and involve them (wasting money that should be going into classrooms instead of compromising in the student's best interest as mandated by the USA Supreme Court. They falsify and purge record (Yes, I have official documentation proving that). They make false claims to CPS in order to create animosity they can then use to discredit parents who have been wrongly vilified and who are never infornmed their names are now on the secret list of people who have been reported regardless of innocence. They file false criminalcharges and get away with it because they are believed withourt question. They went so far as to intentionally trifgger an autistic panic so they could send a child who didn't belong in the juvenile court system there after the child was arrested. Juvenile court was less than thrilled and threw the charges back! as no evidence of a creime, but the district created documentation that says they dropped the charges.
Why waste money avoiding their obligations and trying to create precedent that relieves them of those obligations?
I would love to sit down and show you this documentation or at least find out how much money districts spend on legal fees.
Not even the USOE will help. The compliance officer is regularly out of compliance herself with no way to hold the office accountable because they have governmental immunity.
The legislature gave education the tools by which they've become that rogue agency.
They misuse the money and then cry poverty.

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