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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rochelle says:

More special education waste ...

A diagnosed disability doesn't mean an educational classification reflecting the disgnosed disability. School districts waste who knows how much money giving evaluations that, in some cases, end up negating the medical diagnosis ... denying students the services that student is entitled to and that the state provides money for.

Health care plans aren't followed. In our case, the district refused to believe there was a cardiac arrhythmia they had reccived documentation regarding and refused to call for paramedics. It took the resource officer to call.

When a parent lets the school know of something that isn't working, which Beth Usui's own Do's and Don'ts for IEP meetings asks parents to do, the parent is kicked off school grounds and is unable to monitor adherence to IEPs. The school calls police citing the criminal trespass on school grounds, knowing being at school monitoring compliance is being there on valid business and therfore the trespass law doesn't apply.

Schools give substandard curriculum paid for out of education funds and grant graduation credits for 0, 6 and 10% progress toward annual goals. Goals completed 100% at home are marked 40% and insufficient progress for graduation credits.

Needed technology and services are denied based on personal feelings by administrators ... they don't even follow their own lawyers' recommendations.

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