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Friday, February 6, 2009

Bryan T says:

Uh guys...? So who was responsible for the Legislators' furniture? I can appreciate what you're trying to do here but tell me this isn't a bit hypocritical. Isn't this the exact sort of thing you're trying to find? Both of you guys were in the Legislature in 2007 right?

From today's SLTrib:
Per item furniture costs for legislative offices:
Desk » $1,931.80
Credenza with lateral file box » $2,523.67
Barrister bookcase » $2,744.00
Roll-top computer desk » $2,389.00
Wardrobe » $1,339.00
Round meeting table » $1,474.00
4 side chairs » $1,756.00
Office chair » $600.00
Secretary hutch (for senators) » $2,473
Television (for House members) » $442
House office » $15,199.47
Senate office » $17,230.47
Source: Capitol Preservation Board


  1. Have you seen the new building up there? Check out the granite and oak elevators. Then go to any other state building and you will notice a huge contrast.

  2. Regardless of whether or not it's hypocritical, it doesn't detract from the need to stop government waste. Besides, Rep. Dougall and Sen. Urquhart are just two of 104 legislators. Maybe they didn't want the fancy furniture. Maybe they did. But either way, I'm happy they did this website.

  3. The legislator already posted that they had nothing to do with the TVS, that he can't give it back, sell it or find out where they camefrom.