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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Michael S. says:

I'm fed up with both our local and federal government trying to coddle the illegal immigrant population and try to find ways to not step on anyones toes and upset them. Recently in the Salt Lake Tribune I read where on the one hand we have a bill that has already been passed, and rightly so I might add, about letting local and state police take more of a stand on illegal immigrants, but now soome representatives want to postpone it and make sure we dont hurt their feelings. Then it lists a couple more bills that I believe is encouraging more illegal immigrants to come here with "guest worker programs" and "driving cards" etc. We already have laws and programs for this, they are called green cards and visas, if they really want the benefits of being Americans and to help the country and themselves they would go through the steps t! hat all our forefathers went through when they landed at Ellis Island and actually learned English and became American citizens to better their lives. What makes them any different that they should get a free ride when the rest of us are here because of hard work and determination? If we would ship the illegals out and heavily penalize those companies that hire them, then our jobless rate wouldnt be so high because there would be alot more jobs for AMERICANS!! The first step this country needs to make is change the law that says just because a child is born here that makes them an American citizen, no other country believes that and thats why our social security and welfare and retirement benefits will not be there for those that really need it in the future.

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