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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Robin M says:

I read an article in the Daily Herald about the lawmakers having $10,000.00 spent on their office furniture. It made me spitting mad!!!! Why can't they go to an office supply and buy their furniture OR go to Desert Industries like the rest of us ? The inmates that are at Corrections are there for a reason. You can't tell me that the materials used for the desks were that expensive. Are we actually paying the inmates to make the furniture????? What is wrong with the furniture they had? Could that furniture not been refurbished? Could they not have gone to the discount store ,Habitat For Humanity?
My word----it is only a chair and a table. We pay the lawmakers and buying their furniture-----do they not make enough to buy their own furniture? Did they forget that we are in a bad economic situation?

1 comment:

  1. You obviously don't know how much Utah lawmakers are paid (not much). I don't see that they should buy their own furniture. On the other hand it is worth assessing whether they really need $10,000.