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Friday, February 6, 2009

Laura says:

i know families that receive food stamps that are more than what an average family would pay. For example, my family consists of two adults and two young children. We spend $150 a month on groceries and are comfortable. A single woman with children the same ages as mine receives $400 in food stamps!
A co worker of mine who has 4 teenagers in her home plus her husband spends $400 a month. A family I know with 4 latency age children and a couple receive $700 a month in food stamps.
Is something not wrong with this? Maybe when someone gets food stamps they need to be educated on how to use coupons and other smart ways of shopping. Let's educate and then hopefully the amount of food stamps being given can be decreased!

1 comment:

  1. A person in my family is on stamps. I love to go over to their house. They are always overstocked with food and giving it away. When we have a family party they usually provide all the food.