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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cecilia says:

I am amazed that a legislator would propose to break up a state department with little information. The Utah Department of Health has a very fine reputation nationally for its work in a number of areas, such as information technology, innovative programs, results. One of the problems with public health is that people who work in the field do not advocate well for what they do every day to improve the public's health and well-being. Also, I do not think that most people know that federal funding is the majority of funding for many public health programs. Federal funding often has match requirements which means that non-federal funds have to be allocated to match the federal funds. Loss of the state general funds for a federal grant results in loss of the federal funding. I think that legislators should leave the micromanagement of Departments and budgets up to the Executive branch to determine where the cuts can be made with the least possible negative impact. I cannot understand why a legislator would cut services to citizens (that they themselves represent, so they say) in need at the expense of roads, etc. I believe that it says a lot about a society that is not willing, and in fact is punitive, to fund services for those in need. There is not way that any legislator has enough time to fully understand any Department's programs and work - so leave it up to those who do.

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