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Friday, February 6, 2009

Amy says:

I have worked in the Medical Field for quite sometime and through the years I have seen time and time again people on Welfare/Medicaid that are abusing system and truly do not need the assistance. I have acquaintances that are abusing the system. Every where I turn I see people working this system so when are we finally going to put our foot down and say NO! be responsible for your own life... go get a job! I have actually been told multiple times by acquaintances that they make too much money being on welfare so why would they go work? I agree with others on this site that state illegal aliens are getting assistance, that is also just wrong! On the flip side I know of a single mother who just needed Medicaid temporarily for her children and no other financial assitance and she was denied because she made too much at her job. There is just simply something SO wrong with this entire portion of government. I truly believe it needs to be fully revamped!

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