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Monday, February 9, 2009

Ann P. says:

I'm concerned about the 'waste' in education in the substitute policy in the Jordan District. There are 900 substitutes that can be from a high school grad to a Associates Degree, to a certified teacher, to a retired teacher, etc. in the same pool of teachers that the district sends to the schools. UNLESS a teacher or school prefers a substitute, the school may be getting a substitute who just wants the money and is not qualified to teach. YES, they have passed the background check and the fingerprinting, but that does not mean they are qualified to teach in a classroom! I've heard substitutes who did a puppet show, or who hardly spoke English, or who did not do anything the teacher requested to do while absent. This is a very poor way of spending money in the district's education! There are quality substitutes who a! re certified, in the process of re-certifying, or who can prove they are a good source to be used for substitutes! And YES this is a big deal, because on the average there are 250 substitutes used in a day just in Jordan District alone. And they are making $82/day, unless certified at $90/day. That means $20,500 a day for the $82 day rate. Let's make sure they are quality substitutes!

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