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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allen says:

We need to get rid of the State Liquor Store system. It was dated back to prohabition. We do not need to employ state workers to be store keepers. I know they produce money for the state, but take away the building overhead, health, and retirement. We need to make loquor stores public business, increase employment, increase tax dollars and allow business people to run a business. We also need to get rid of the 3.2 rule. It causes citizens to cross state lines to buy real beer. 3.2 was left over from prohabition which was repealed in 29, most beers are the same from state to state as a 3.2 works our to between 4 to 5%. Let Utah come out of the dark ages and give back the freedoms to the citizens. I have found no evidence that state run stores reduce DUI, underage drinking, or alcholism, it is only control of Utah citiiz! ens, heck we can't even advertise so a person from out of state could find one. I think private business whould increase revenue from business license, loquor license, sales taxes, income taxes from employees,jobs, availibility of product. Private business liquor stores would be evenmore careful on selling to of age people or fear loss of license. when the State store sells to a minor, we can't remove their license!

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