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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monica says:

I couldn't agree more with Kassi. My son attends a special autism preschool program for which we are extremely grateful, but it made me furious when I showed up on the first day only to find out that there were 2 new ILLEGAL students in the class whose mother had to have 2 paid employees there to interpret for her and they bent over backwards to accomodate her. She was mad that she was going to have to wait a week to get bus service and threw a fit so this ILLEGAL family got their kid signed up the first day of school to receive special instruction not only for autism but also in SPANISH AND THEY GOT BUS SERVICE THE NEXT DAY!!!!! When we signed up our child, we had to wait 2 weeks for bus service. WHY DO WE BEND OVER BACKWARDS TO ACCOMODATE THESE ILLEGALS!!!! It's infuriating and a HUGE expense.

1 comment:

  1. How do you know the students were illegal? Because they spoke primarily Spanish?

    As the mother of three accomplished autistic children, I can tell you that there are few supports past preschool.

    You have to be a knowledgable advocate for your children and not give in to district pressure. Districts fighting what the law mandates is the largest waste of taxpayer funding I know of.