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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Freddy B says:

If we continue to ignore the Illegal Alien population issue and keep pretending that it does not translate into higher crime rates, worsening gang problems, rising costs of medical services, school etc., ALL things inherently owed to all citizens and NONE to those who defy our laws, come here, use what they will, think they have equal rights as citizens, then I fear that in a few short years it will be too late to address, and we will become like many cities of slums and gangs, housing projects, young kids and young men with guns, shooting for turf, an overwhlemed police force who all too often turn an eye for the problems have become to overwhelming, the courts overburdeoned, the jails overcrowded and the city deteriorate and smeared with grafitti..No, we must tackle the illegal alien problem now...for pretending it isn't so ba! d now and waiting for another day simple adds on to the pile until the pile cannot be undone. We need a proactive approach and not a reactive. Presently, we are in a state of denial. Look at California with its 31 billion dollar shortfall, much of it is maintaining the cost of the status quo inasmuch as it hails itself as the "Safe Haven" for illegals...Now, when many want something done, it cannot, the time for action had passed, the numbers too great and the pressure too cumbursome, the politics of it too devicive...If things could have been addressed many years ago, perhaps the costs savings of providing for those illegal however unfortunate and passionate we may be..would be far less. We cannot break laws and then demand equality. No, first we do things legally and that includes "Entry" into the U>S and then demand equal access. The notion of "Free Rides" must come to an end and surely Utah is not immune and will suffe immensely over time, so the question then becomes...When t! hat time does come, will it be too late? I fear, it truly will be.

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